The Pickup Lines Men Use On Women Are Nothing Compared To The Ones They Use On Each Other

By: Ami Angelowicz / August 14, 2013
Women, you've probably heard at least one (but probably a lot more) cheesy-ass, horrible, insulting pickup lines in your life. My all time least favorite being: "Come on baby, whip your pussy out!" Yes, a man said that to a woman walking down the street. He might have been drunk and wearing a jacket… More »

The “Dudedoir” Photo Trend Warms My Heart

By: Ami Angelowicz / August 14, 2013
According to boudoir photography, Mariah Carle, sexy photo shoots aren't just for women anymore. Since opening her business five years ago, Carle has noticed a jump in her male clientele --they now make up about 25 percent of her business. Hence the term "dudeoir." “Many men feel good about their bodies and… More »

The Ryan Gosling Chrome Browser Extension Turns Every Website Into My Dream Website

By: Amelia McDonell-Parry / August 14, 2013
This, my friends, is kinda, sorta what The Frisky would look like if I wasn't so terrified of another Goservention. The "Hey Girl" Chrome browser extension will turn any website into a Ryan Gosling website, by replacing all of the photos with Gosling snaps. Using Chrome, head on over to and… More »

Leonardo DiCaprio’s Hair Nubbin Does Not Deserve To Call Itself A Man Bun

By: Amelia McDonell-Parry / August 12, 2013
Y'all know how passionately I feel about man buns. (I like them. I like them a lot.) So I'm horrified that people -- okay, Buzzfeed -- are so loose with the term that they would even think to refer to this little turd poking out of… More »

The 7 Most Annoying Things Men Do On Dates

By: / August 8, 2013
We all do things that irritate other people, right? But sometimes, there are little habits that seem to crop up on entirely too many of our first — and often last — dates with dudes. Here are a few of the ones that drive us absolutely bonkers. Read more at Your Tango... More »

What To Do If You Hate The Way Your Partner Dresses

By: Julie Gerstein / August 6, 2013
You hate the way the dude or lady you're seeing dresses. Why the orange tie with the brown shirt and the "wacky" jacket? Why the blue pants with a purple-striped windbreaker? Why so much glitter? What do you do? Well, I'd first advise you do nothing. As in, keep your mouth shut and just enjoy… More »

Hola, Juan Pablo: The New “Bachelor” Is Actually Someone I Want To Bang!

By: Amelia McDonell-Parry / August 6, 2013
As has become tradition, last night, ABC announced that a cast member from Desiree Hartsock's season of "The Bachelorette" would be the next "Bachelor." I anticipated that this would be the case, but I didn't dare get my hopes up that the reality tv dating show's producers would actually select… More »

Check Out This Blog Dedicated To Photos Of Beautiful Bearded Men

By: Mary Odell / August 6, 2013
In the past few years, it seems that facial hair has become the ultimate fashion accessory for the stylish man and Jonathan Daniel Pryce decided to document this beautiful phenomenon. The fashion photographer, blogger, and social media consultant decided to walk the streets of London and photograph one bearded man per day for 100 days. More »

Guys With Fries Gives You A Fast Food Fix

By: Julie Gerstein / August 5, 2013
You like hot guys. You like French fries. You are shocked and appalled that it's taken the world this long to come up with a site that celebrates the two at the same time. And yet, here we are, in 2013 with Guys With Fries. A single-serving blog in which dude's cell phones are Photoshopped… More »

Man Gives Mega-Detailed Document To Ladies On Erroneous Assumption You Can Reason Your Way To Love

By: The Gloss / August 3, 2013
What you do if you received a disconcertingly detailed 99-page document about someone before you’d even been on one date with him? You wouldn’t go on that date, would you? You also might show that crazy thing to your friends, who might then forward it to Gawker, which is how we got the… More »

The 5 Biggest Lies Guys Are Telling This Year (And What They’re Being Honest About)

By: The Frisky / August 2, 2013
The results of Ask Men's 2013 Great Male Survey are in, and as always, it's fun to pour over the details of what the "average, American man" really thinks about stuff like the institution of marriage, pre-stalking dates, anal sex, and, of course, penis size. Sigh. Penises always seem make it o… More »

Deleted Scene From “The Place Beyond The Pines” Introduces Us To Ryan Gosling’s Substantial Bulge

By: Amelia McDonell-Parry / August 2, 2013
I've always assumed that my dream celebrity boyfriend Ryan Gosling was packing, but this deleted scene from "The Place Beyond The Pines" offers definitive proof. In the scene, Gosling's character Luke is hauled off to jail and told to strip down to his (tight, blue) skivvies (that happens around the 2:30 mark). Bulge alert. Oh and… More »

Ask A Married Guy: “What Can I Do When The Sex Dies?”

By: Tom Cowell / August 1, 2013
Meet our friend Tom. He’s a married guy with tons of relationship experience, and a skilled advice giver who’s here to answer all your pressing sex, dating and relationship questions. Have a query for Tom? Email it to and we’ll make sure he gets it! All questions will be posted anonymously,… More »

We’re Breaking Up: Josh Marks, “MasterChef” Contestant Who Claimed His Soul Was Possessed By Gordon Ramsay

By: Ami Angelowicz / July 31, 2013
Dear Josh, I know it's been a hard year for you, since you came in second in last season on "MasterChef."  Look, the truth was, no matter how perfect your dark chocolate soufflé was (and it was pretty damn perfect … Graham Elliot looked like he was mouth-fucking it), you never stood… More »

Let’s Play Name That Hunk!

By: Amelia McDonell-Parry / July 31, 2013
I saw this Instagram photo of a certain boy band member and was like, shut the front door that's what his body looks like oh my god. Any guesses as to who is rocking this cut physique? Meet my new pretend boyfriend after the jump! More »

Guy Talk: On Having A Type

By: Charlie Adams / July 29, 2013
To explain to an audience who knows nothing about me: I have dated horrible people. Horrible, just awful. I’ve been cheated on more times than I can count, gotten yelled at once for being sick, and have thrown away more money than I wish to admit trying to repair each and every one of these… More »

Mind Of Man: Why Men Send Pictures Of Their Penises

By: John DeVore / July 28, 2013
This week's Anthony Weiner dick pic scandal -- part two! -- reminded me of this hilarious column written by our dear Mind of Man, John DeVore. Let's learn, from an actual man, why dudes like to send pictures of their penises. -- Amelia Men send pictures of their penises because we want the… More »

5 Things Men Will Never Understand About Consoling A Woman

By: Cracked / July 27, 2013
One of the weirdest, most awkward parts of a relationship is knowing how to react when the other reaches their limit and shoots a geyser of saline out of their eyeholes. At least it is for men -- I obviously can't speak for women because of all this dong. But it seems to me that… More »

Curvaceous Man Butts Are In, Not That We Mind

By: Ami Angelowicz / July 25, 2013
Women have always been into men with enough backside to hold their pants up (no pancake ass!), but apparently, it's becoming trendy for men to have some junk in the trunk because they want it. And when I say junk, I mean, they are literally getting fat sucked out of other places and injected i… More »

Norman Reedus Emotes, Holds Prosthetic Penis

By: Amelia McDonell-Parry / July 25, 2013
Rabid Reedus fan base, REJOICE! Terry Richardson, clever pervtographer that he is, got "The Walking Dead"'s sexiest zombie killer to pose for a photograph while holding the prosthetic penis from "Django Unchained." You can see the full NSFW pic after the jump. [Terry's Diary]… More »

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