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Hot Guy Trend: Horn-Rimmed Glasses

Maybe these old fashion Clark Kent-inspired specs have made a comback because of the Dad on NBC’s Heroes or maybe dudes have finally realized that seriously, chicks love dudes in glasses. And we’re talkin’ glasses, not those invisi-rimmed or wire-framed yuppie frames that are popular with guys like Donald Rumsfeld. These glasses, like the ones worn by Grey’s Anatomy star Justin Chambers (at the GQ Men of the Year event), aren’t trying to hide — they’re saying, “We’re here, we’re near-sighted, get used to it!” Hot. Keep reading »

Hot Piece of Ass: Jean Sarkozy

Sacré bleu! Check out the heat radiating off French prez Nicolas Sarkozy’s son Jean! The man is but a boy, we’re sorry to report, having just turned 20 years old this year. Also unfortunate? He was in court this week for leaving the scene of a car accident. Hey, we never said this was “Hot Piece of Upstanding Citizen Ass!” [Reuters] Keep reading »

Zach Braff Steals Alan Alda’s Crown

Speaking of Zach Braff, the Scrubs star has inspired a wee bit of controversy in our offices as heated words were exchanged over his general attractiveness and status as a “sex symbol.” The thing is, the conversation wasn’t so much debate as it was heated, enraged agreement that the puffy lipped schmo was totally heinous. So where does this sex symbol status come from for guys completely lacking in sexy qualities? In the case of Zach Braff, we blame, umm, Zach Braff, as well as the utter compliance of women’s brains to accept a vaguely funny and goofy guy as sexy. Keep reading »

Does Going Under The Knife Makes These Male Celebs More Doable?

Radar Online used Photoshop to fix the “flaws” of some of Hollywood’s top celebrities. But the question is, do these changes make the following guys more doable? Our snap judgment: Though we kind of like Adrien Brody’s impressive schnozz, we think he now resembles a more age appropriate Zack Efron. But Zach Braff? No amount of slicing and dicing makes him sexy — but you be the judge! [Radar] Keep reading »

Matt Damon Named People’s Sexiest Man Alive

OMG! The most exciting day of the year has arrived! People has named the 2007 Sexiest Man Alive! And it’s…Matt Damon? Okay. Actually, we take back the lukewarm response — we love Matt Damon. He’s totally hot — remember that scene in his breakout film Good Will Hunting where he’s waxing the floors at Harvard and his biceps are bulging? That was some sexiness. He’s also smart — our noggin’s were tickled when he slipped in the reference to Howard Zinn’s A People’s History of the United States in the script, which also won him and the less-hot Ben Affleck an Oscar. He’s a good actor — normally action movies, even with hot marquee names, bore us to tears, but the Bourne series is riveting. And he played a gay sociopath so accurately in the film The Talented Mr. Ripley. Lastly, he’s married to a totally averagely beautiful woman who used to be a waitress, which gives us hope that someday we will have sex with Brad Pitt. And yet again, People’s Sexiest Man Alive loops right back around to the guy who inspired the award in the first place. [People] Keep reading »

Not All Guys Are Sleazy, But A Few Really Are

During a recent email exchange between a group of friends helping to compile some typical “guyisms” for The Frisky, the conversation evolved from what we were looking for in the first place — “Just the tip, I promise!” and “It’s not you, it’s me.” — to a back and forth exchange of truly hilarious and sometimes super heinous male maneuvers. A few even reminded us of Wooderson, the character Matthew McConaughey played in Dazed and Confused. Here’s a sampling of some of our favorites — share yours in the comments! Keep reading »

Hot Piece of Ass: Sawyer From Lost

It’s Day Five of the Writers Guild of America strike and we’re starting to worry. We’re all in favor of people — especially creative types who put their blood, sweat, tears, and years of being the brunt of high school bullying into entertaining us — getting fairly compensated for their hard work. We’re even okay with seeing our soap operas go into repeats and having even more reality TV on at night than we thought possible because there’s no one around to write scripts — but if this strike screws with Lost and forces the fourth season to not return until 2009, we will not be as supportive. By then it will be nearly a year since Kate approached Jack and heard him say that they never should have left the island. It’ll be hundreds of days spent wondering if that adorable little Hobbit would actually drown in the underwater station. Most importantly, it will be way…too…long…since we saw our Hot Piece of Ass of the Week, Sawyer (Josh Holloway), in the mega-pixel flesh and we can’t stand the thought of another second left in suspense, wondering if he and Kate ended up carrying their sweet lovemaking off of the island and back into the real world. Don’t be this selfish, this cruel, WGA. We beg of you. [In Case You Didn't Know] Keep reading »

Maybe We Were A Tad Judgey About Male Responsibility

…or not! Thanks Business Guy for the reinforcement.
image Keep reading »

Male Birth Control: Worth The Research Bucks?

So, science is apparently getting closer to developing a new form of male contraception (besides condoms, vasectomies, and porn). Preliminary tests have been done on a number of different options including a testosterone gel, a shot similar to Depo-Provera, a contraceptive pill, and the “Intra-Vas Device” which blocks the production of sperm. Scientists say that it will take consumer demand, however, for any of these experiments to actually develop into products available for public consumption. Here’s the thing: We’re all for men sharing equal responsibility in sexual situations, however even if male contraception was available, say, in the form of a pill, we’re not sure we’d trust the dudes to take it. There’s a certain urgency that comes with being the one who’s capable of carrying a child that men might not be able to understand, not that it’s their fault. Now, if missing a few pills meant that your boyfriend, or husband, or one-night-stand, or hook-up, or whoever, might spend the next nine months fraught with morning sickness, fat ankles, and the looming agony of birth pain, then we’d be in business! [Science Daily] Keep reading »

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