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The Many Beards Of “Mad Men”

The men in Hollywood are obsessed with beards, and among the largely male “Mad Men” cast, this is all the more apparent. The show isn’t taping at the moment, so those who want facial hair can have it until the cameras start rolling again. Michael Gladis, the actor who plays the always-bearded copywriter Paul Kinsey, shared his thoughts on his co-stars’ scruff with New York magazine, and apparently some of the guys’ beard-growing abilities are more impressive than others’. Jon Hamm has such fast-growing facial hair that Michael says he has to shave twice a day on set: “Jon Hamm can grow a beard in two hours. … He doesn’t get a five o’clock shadow, he gets a five o’clock beard.” [] Keep reading »

23 Guys I’ll Never Get The Chance To Bang

My whole dating strategy the past few years has been to act like a kid in a penny candy store. I’ve been bagging any man who looks tasty, just getting a couple bites, then moving on to the next flavor. They’ve all been sweet, but, frankly, I’m starting to get a toothache. Now that I’ve really seen what’s out there on the market, I’ve been able to narrow down the ones I have no chance of ever finding, wooing, or making it work with. Here’s who I’ve got so far … Keep reading »

Crush Of The Day: Daren Kagasoff

The people behind the “Briefs Are Back Movement” are really intent on winning me over, aren’t they? This photoshoot in VMan, of actor Daren Kagasoff, may just be check mate. Sweet lord, cotton jersey has never looked so at home than around this man’s pelvis. Kagasoff stars on “Secret Life of the American Teenager” on ABC Family, which sounds way more wholesome than the thoughts currently running through my brain. Shot by fashion designer/photographer Hedi Slimane, Kagasoff is clad only in Calvin Klein skivvies, revealing a few tattoos (that’s his last name on his ribcage) and a James Dean-esque pout. What channel is ABC Family again? More photos, after the jump… [Design Scene] Keep reading »

What Women Are Really Saying With Their Clothes

I feel really sorry for the guys who read Men’s Health and get all sorts of bad advice … usually in the form of “insightful” articles written by women. I can only imagine these ladies must have been dumped hard-core — maybe in a text message or at their mother’s funeral or something — to have it out for men the way they do. What else explains the desire to push guys in the wrong direction time and time again? To set them up not just for rejection and failure, but for utter humiliation as well? This time the readers of Men’s Health — oh, the poor lot — have been led to believe they can decipher a woman’s thoughts by the clothes she’s wearing. After the jump, Men’s Health translates different outfits and then I say what we women are really saying. Keep reading »

Thoughts From Guys On Our IM: How Often Do You Say “I Love You”?

I think there are two schools of thought when it comes to saying the words “I love you.”

  1. Say it sparingly, saving it for those moments when you truly want to communicate the depth of your caring for another person.
  2. Say it as often as you’d like, because if you feel it, no amount of times could possibly cheapen or properly convey the sentiment.

I must admit, I subscribe to the latter, though I didn’t put much thought into it until recently. My ex and I said “I love you,” oh, 10 times a day, easily. He said it and I said it back. I said it and he said it back. We both said it and we both said it back, up until, oh, an hour before we broke up. Hence, I’ve thought about what it means to say “I love you” a lot or a little. I still think I am the type to say it a lot, but I’ve definitely learned that others are not like me, particularly many men, but as I don’t want to generalize, I went to the guys on my IM to find out what their ILU philosophy is. Keep reading »

Mind Of Man: I Want All Of My Penis Back!

If a hood is good enough for Batman, it’s good enough for my penis. Uncircumcised joints look gross, like a cross between a tentacle and a trunk. But the word on the street is that it feels better to have a foreskin. My zipper cudgel is cut, and therefore less sensitive than a man who’s packing a frightful sex nozzle. I mourn the loss of that little flap of skin. I think I would have preferred to have had the choice to be circumcised or not. Keep reading »

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