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Whose Ab Situation Do You Prefer?

I’ll be honest. I’d rather my hypothetical boyfriend have a slight gut like John Mayer‘s than the overly cut washboard abs of Mike “The Situation.” I like a little something to lay my head on, you know? [Towleroad] Keep reading »

Mind Of Man: Funny Women Are A Natural Resource

Mind of Man

According to highly scientific polls, 15 percent of women think staring is cheating, 45 percent have tried the “fingernail” diet, and 99 percent rate a sense of humor as the sexiest trait a man can have (the remaining 1 percent picked “sparkle”). When such pop statisticians ask men the same question, they usually respond “boobs.” Judging from this inequality of opinion, one could conclude that women are selfless flowers who find self-awareness attractive and that men are shallow. This is not entirely untrue. That women prize a guy who can laugh at himself and all the unpredictable absurdities that life throws at you is great news to bros with bellies who can belch the melody to “Paparazzi.” I like to think of this as an evolutionary gift; otherwise, the females of the species would have been left having to choose equally matched mates by their ability to fling poop. Keep reading »

Naked Man Is Supposed To Inspire Men To Work Out

I thought ads were supposed to make you want to spend money, not projectile vomit. Copyranter, who likes to frighten us, points us to this gross and gory ad for Magali’s Workout System (er, Magali’s Workout System?). The catchphrase is “REBORN,” and, I guess, the idea is that if you are a dude, and you use Magali’s Workout System, which sounds like an exercise plan for genies, you will be reborn. Yet, the way they have decided to visually represent just how reborn you will feel post-workout is with an image of a naked, bloody, wet, screaming man lying on the floor like he just popped out of someone’s hoo-ha. His umbilical cord is still attached. Gross. There’s another one featuring a woman that’s so icky I’m not even going to link to it. So, there. In any case, if you’d like to see what a grown man looks like right after he leaves the birth canal, click on through. Potentially NSFW, unless you work at a gynecologist’s office. Keep reading »

Dad Makes Adorable Pancakes For His Daughter

At Jim’s Pancakes, a 30-year-old ad executive in Reno, Nevada, named Jim Belosic makes amazing pancakes for his 3-year-old daughter Allison, and blogs the results, which are pretty awesome. “Just trying to make some cool pancakes for my daughter” is how he describes the project. Here, Allie prepares to eat an American Flag pancakes, but first salutes veterans on Memorial Day. Check out these lifelike bacon and egg pancakes, some Daddy bling pancakes, and pancake rocketry. “My dad used to try to make me fun pancakes, but the best he could do was a light bulb or a Mickey Mouse, which was always misshapen and scary,” Belosic says. “I wanted to give the same experience to my daughter.” We love it. [Esquire] Keep reading »

Retro Peek-A-Boo Fashions For The Man With Flair

We’re a fan of this peek-a-boo menswear from Miss Feeney’s Finery featuring pinup girls hidden in silk ties and fedoras. These ties may look traditional when seen from the front, but flip up the end and you’ll see that there’s a cute retro-honey posing on the silk interior. Guys can select a pattern and a favorite girl, whether they’re going for “Brains over Brawn” or “Style, Squared.” For the cooler months, there’s also a felt fedora, the lining of which features Miss Feeney. The line is designed by Marie Shepard, and Miss Feeney is a tribute to her men’s apparel pioneer grandfather’s secretary of 25 years. “It seems quaint, I know — antiquated — but I think people are ready for a return to proper finery,” Shepard says. “With maybe just a hint of modern sex appeal.” [Miss Feeney’s Finery via Gorilla Mask] Keep reading »

Russell Brand’s Hookup Tips That Will Work For Us Ladies

Before Russell Brand was a proud groomzilla, he was a charming bachelor who did more than his fair share of wooing. Way more. Like, sex addict more. Luckily, he’s decided to bestow some of his hookup wisdom on those of us who are still single and ready to mingle. We may not be using some of the tips anytime soon—like “warming up the bullpen,” which is glorified code for setting up a girl-on girl menage a trois. Thanks, but no thanks. But some of the other tips are genius. After the jump, five of Russell Brand’s tips that we ladies can use. Keep reading »

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