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Quick Pic: Michael Cera Looks Up To No Good

Filming a scene for “Scott Pilgrim vs. the World.” [Toronto, 5/11/09]
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Quote Of The Day: Lance Armstrong Didn’t Want More Kids, But He’s Ready Now That One’s Coming

“[Sheryl Crow] wanted marriage, she wanted children; and not that I didn’t want that, but I didn’t want that at that time because I had just gotten out of a marriage, I’d just had kids [Luke, Grace and Bella].”

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Quick Pic: John Cho Has Got This One In The Bag

John Cho boldly went on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” last night to promote the “Star Trek” prequel. In the flick, Cho plays Commander Hikaru Sulu, the ship’s helmsman. In these duds, we’d like the sexy stud to drive us deep … into space. [Hollywood, CA, 5/7/09] Keep reading »

Quick Pic: I Say A Little Prayer For You

Eric Dane, aka Dr. McSteamy, heats up “Live! with Regis & Kelly” on location in Florida. [Miami, 5/7/09] Keep reading »

Mind Of Man: What I Learned From My Mother

Oscar Wilde quipped, “Every woman grows up to be her mother: it is her curse. No man does, and that is his.” Men should aspire to the best of their parental units. No dig against fathers. But my mother’s example has made me a better man.

I’m not a momma’s boy, I’m just a man who loves his momma. I try and call once a week. We’re not all up in each other’s businesses, but we’ve got each other’s backs. We are each other’s biggest fans, and we both prefer our beer in bottles.

I like to think I’ve broken Wilde’s curse and grown up to be like her. Maybe I get points for the attempt. Some things you should know up front about Mrs. DeVore: She is a badass, an artist, and a very beautiful lady. She taught me the very basics that a mother should teach her son: how to cook, how to sew, and how to be gentlemen. Most importantly, she taught me to make the most of who you are because you are all you’ve got. Keep reading »

Thoughts From Guys On Our IM: Would You Ever Violate Her Privacy?

The other night, when I was having dinner with a guy friend who told me my engagement history might scare off some guys, we also discussed the issue of privacy in a relationship and how big of a deal it can be when that privacy is violated. He maintains that checking your partner’s email, cell phone call log, and text messages is totally wrong, whereas I think it’s wrong, but not pathological or evil. Frankly, I know many women who do the occasional cell phone check or email glance (and a few women who do oh-so-much more), but what about guys? Do they ever pilfer through their girlfriends’ inboxes and Facebook accounts? I went to four taken guys on IM to find out. Keep reading »

Ron Jeremy: The Gift That Keeps On Giving

Ron Jeremy wants to give you a present! The self-proclaimed “Hardest [Working] Man in Showbiz” is giving you a few inches more than he’s given to over 4,000 women — that’s 17″ x 24″, to be exact. The gifted actor is featured on $6 wrapping paper. This has got to be the least classy thing the porn king has ever done. Ron is pictured on the paper, fully clothed, along with the slogan, “From one big prick to another!” (Well, there goes the line you were going to use in the card.) We think the question mark pattern behind him says it all. Seriously. Wrapping paper, Ron? What will he think of next. [Nerd Approved]

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Heavenly Bodies: Gay Porn Or Mormon Fundraiser?

If you thought “Big Love” and Oprah exposed Mormons, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet. Feast your eyes on “Men On A Mission.” The calendar features muscle-ripped Mormons who have returned home from their two-year proselytizing missions in various corners of the world. While on the journey, the boys are not allowed to read newspapers, listen to music, surf the Internet, watch the boob tube or movies, get crunk, drink alcohol, tea or coffee, smoke ciggies, or get in any kind of missionary position. Plus, they can only call home twice a year, on Christmas and Mother’s Day. Clearly, this has left them plenty of time to pump iron. For the calendar, the boys were offered the chance to strip down and show us what they’ve been working with, and all the calendar proceeds go to a charity of their choice. But are hot, shirtless pics of hunks really what Joseph Smith had in mind? The creator of the calendar, Chad Hardy, defended his baby to the East Valley Tribune:

“It is so PG-rated, it’s hilarious. The gay community, when they buy this calendar, it will be the tamest calendar they’ll ever own. They’re in pants; they’re not in their underwear or showing any pubic hair. And religious art is filled with bare-chested men You see more flesh in the Book of Mormon than you do in our calendar!”

Well, at least Hardy knows his calendar is raising more than funds. Now, where can I get my dirty little hands on a copy of the Book of Mormon? [WOW] Keep reading »

Quick Pic: I Know That’s You Ryan Gosling!

My dream boyfriend is filming a movie in lower Manhattan, otherwise known as my old neighborhood. Why, God, why?! [New York City, 5/01/09]

UPDATE: According to Curbed, The Gos is actually doing research for a role in “Blue Valentine,” in which he plays a mover. So he’s working with a moving company all day. Best of all, he’s in the East Village, which may or may not be my neighborhood and — [Sorry guys -- Amelia ducked out on this post before she could finish, probably because she's off asking Ryan to marry her. -- The Frisky Staff] Keep reading »

Quick Pic: Paul Rudd Was Head Of The Class

His yearbook photo proves that back in high school Rudd was so totally clueless. But even after seeing Paul’s ‘80s hair DON’T, we still want to bone the fro-mantic actor. Heck, we’d even let him do some business in the front and party in the back. Keep reading »

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