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Funky Or Fugly?

I’m not sure which is less attractive — this “funky” bedazzled jean jacket (for dudes!) or the models dirtied face/faux stubble. [Vintage Ads] Keep reading »

The Most Ridiculous Penis Stories Of 2009

There are some pretty crazy people out there. A lot of them have penises, and many of those penises have had hilariously insane things happen to them. So, if you’re not planning on eating a salami sandwich for lunch, feast on these nine amazing sausage stories from 2009! Keep reading »

Last Minute XXXMas Gift: Porno Dress For Sale On Etsy

We’ve told you all about the vaginas for sale on Etsy, but now there’s some penis in the mix too. Bellettres made a dress out of laminated shots of hot naked men clipped straight out of pornos. While some of the 342 images are pretty in your face (who likes the money shot to land there?), the pics are not even the most shocking part. “The Dirty Dirty Dress” retails for $1,200! That’s pretty stiff. For that you can get your hands on some real sausages — roughly 131 pounds of hard salami from Katz’s Deli in NYC. Keep reading »

10 Items Of His We’d Like To Toss

Recently, the girlfriend of men’s nightmares took a golf club to her boyfriend’s Xbox 360, simply because he wasn’t showing her enough attention. A small (OK, a large) part of us gave a mental fist pump. After all, we know what it’s like to be overshadowed by our man’s favorite toys. The other part of us wanted to tell this guy to get a restraining order. Still, it’s fun to daydream about what we’d demolish, if only we weren’t afraid of incurring psycho status. And so, here are the top 10 items of his we wish we could toss out the window:
Keep reading »

Gifts For Every Type Of Guy

When we say “it’s the thought that counts,” the “thought” implies more than just remembering to buy any gift at all. Let’s admit that as much as we love our guys and say we’ll value any gifts they get us, there’s a little disappointment when the pretty package under the tree actually contains a scarf or gift card. Same goes for him, instead of a generic tie, lead by example and buy a gift that actually suits him. Keep reading »

Let’s Talk About Testicles

Ah, testicles. So mysterious! So enigmatic! Why do they look like that? How do they work? The testes are an enigma to most women. Thankfully, an evolutionary psychologist and a pair of female researchers have stepped forward to answer the question: “Yo, what’s up with testicles?” In this month’s Evolutionary Psychology, Gordon Gallup, Mary Finn, and Becky Sammis explain the evolution of the testes. Find out wassup with the sack after the jump! Keep reading »

Would You Give Your Guy A “Man-gagement” Ring?

I didn’t coin the term “man-gagement ring,” so don’t blame me, but, according to ABC News, engagement rings for men are “having a moment.” Call it a clever marketing ploy, but as one NY jeweler said: “If you think about it, a woman is engaged and wears an engagement ring on her finger, oftentimes [for] north of a year. And a guy’s engaged during that same time and walks into a bar as a free man … so I think for $350, $400 for a woman to claim her territory, it’s catching on pretty quickly.” Um, ew. I’m not opposed to engagement rings for guys, but when they’re bought with the intention of claiming one’s territory or stripping a man’s freedom, it’s pretty gross. What do you guys think? Would you buy an engagement ring for your man? [via NYmag.com] Keep reading »

Have You Got What It Takes To Woo The Hoff?

He was there singin’ when the Berlin Wall fell, he could get a Trans Am to bend to his will, and he can pack an entire television show with his chest hair flapping in the Malibu beach wind. But when it comes to we women, David’s got a list he’ll check twice before you can get Hoffed. So, ladies, the question is: Do you stack up in every “sex’tion” of his life? After the jump, we’ll reveal his priceless dos and don’ts. Keep reading »

The Pantienon iPhone App

There are plenty of iPhone apps for all kinds of games, but only one will help nerds pretend they’re about to score. Japanese IT company Kayac has released its panty-dropping iPhone app, “The Pantienon.” Here’s how it works: All dudes have to do is snap a shot of an unsuspecting woman’s legs. Then they simply drag one of the four frilly, little undie options over to their ankles, so the picture now looks like the lady in question took her knickers off. Eww. If some guy panty-cized a photo of you, would you feel violated? Man, pervs can be so easy to please. [Asiajin] Keep reading »

10 Things Not to Say To A Guy Watching Football

football player photo

A girl who appreciates the ramifications of a fourth-and-long Hail Mary on Super Bowl Sunday is an amazing find, like a head coach who doesn’t wear pleated khakis. So when a girl’s as excited for pigskin season as we are, we’re looking forward to sharing boneless wings and broken remotes.

But if you’re just along for the snacks, we can appreciate that too — just be sure you don’t rack up penalty yards by making one of the following calls, guaranteed to send you to the bench. Keep reading »

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