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Male Power Underpants Will Scare The Pants Off You

I can’t remember how I came across the website for Male Power underwear, but once I was there, everything that came afterward was a blur. So many strange pairs of underpants for men. Butt-less underpants. BVDs with wang hammocks. And that oh-so-special pair for the holidays. So … disturbing. And yet titillating! But in a deeply disturbing titillating way. Check out a few of our favorite freaky guy underpants after the jump. If you can handle it, girlfriend. [Male Power] Keep reading »

Turn Your Dinner Date From A Slob Into A Sartorialist

Everyone wants to go out for lobster or pasta for a romantic first date, but, oh, dear, the mess your date will make if he’s not careful. And who wants to wear a bib? It’s just so not sexy. Thankfully, we are proud to introduce you to the Napkin Tie, a napkin with a tie on it. This way, your man will look polished while he polishes down that linguini swimming in marinara. It comes in black tie, red stripes, and blue polka dots, and at $4.50, they’re a steal. Well, maybe not a steal. They’re paper napkins after all. But your man will never look like a pig again. [This Isn’t Happiness] Keep reading »

Let’s Hope You Don’t Get Trapped In The Beard Elevator

Gillette Mach 3′s highly hirsute elevator reminds me of Parissa wax strip’s hairy backvertising, and that’s not necessarily a good thing. Inside, the elevator doors feature a big ad promoting the Mach 3 razor for the mens, and all the rest of the walls are covered with thick black hair. LIKE ACTUAL HAIR. I mean, I’m sure it’s not real hair, but still, gross. I think the point is that the doors are supposed to be the Mach 3 clean-shaven part, and the rest is not. Anyway, creepy to the max. [NOTCOT.ORG] Keep reading »

Dad Makes Adorable Pancakes For His Daughter

At Jim’s Pancakes, a 30-year-old ad executive in Reno, Nevada, named Jim Belosic makes amazing pancakes for his 3-year-old daughter Allison, and blogs the results, which are pretty awesome. “Just trying to make some cool pancakes for my daughter” is how he describes the project. Here, Allie prepares to eat an American Flag pancakes, but first salutes veterans on Memorial Day. Check out these lifelike bacon and egg pancakes, some Daddy bling pancakes, and pancake rocketry. “My dad used to try to make me fun pancakes, but the best he could do was a light bulb or a Mickey Mouse, which was always misshapen and scary,” Belosic says. “I wanted to give the same experience to my daughter.” We love it. [Esquire] Keep reading »

Retro Peek-A-Boo Fashions For The Man With Flair

We’re a fan of this peek-a-boo menswear from Miss Feeney’s Finery featuring pinup girls hidden in silk ties and fedoras. These ties may look traditional when seen from the front, but flip up the end and you’ll see that there’s a cute retro-honey posing on the silk interior. Guys can select a pattern and a favorite girl, whether they’re going for “Brains over Brawn” or “Style, Squared.” For the cooler months, there’s also a felt fedora, the lining of which features Miss Feeney. The line is designed by Marie Shepard, and Miss Feeney is a tribute to her men’s apparel pioneer grandfather’s secretary of 25 years. “It seems quaint, I know — antiquated — but I think people are ready for a return to proper finery,” Shepard says. “With maybe just a hint of modern sex appeal.” [Miss Feeney’s Finery via Gorilla Mask] Keep reading »

10 Signs He Might Be A Moodle

Is your new flavor of the week extremely good-looking, complementary at the bar, always well-dressed and open about his emotions? He might seem perfect, but maybe he is just a moodle, a man-poodle. Here’s a little explanation of the man-poodle from Urban Dictionary: “Women like to walk the moodle, feed the moodle, play with the moodle, but they never do the moodle.” After the jump, find out the 10 signs your new guy might be a moodle! Keep reading »

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