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American Hikers Become Engaged In An Iranian Prison

Here’s a story that will warm your heart just a little. Shane Bauer and Sarah Shourd have been imprisoned in Iran for 10 months because they strayed illegally into Iranian territory while hiking. But their love has continued to grow while they’re living this prison nightmare — so much so that they became engaged. Bauer proposed to Shourd using a ring he made from his shirt threads in the yard of the prison on Jan. 6, according to their mothers who recently visited them. And even though it’s impossible to know when the wedding will take place, their unbreakable bond is what’s keeping Shourd going, says her mother. A third hiker, Josh Fattal, will serve as best man.

Let’s hope their married years pleasantly outweigh their time in prison. [People] Keep reading »

Poll: Should Men Participate In Wedding Planning?

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Are Wedding Registries Tacky?

It’s sort of crazy to admit, but long before I got married — even before I met my now-husband — I had a real fear of having a wedding. It wasn’t so much getting married that scared me, but simply all the preparation and planning that I knew would go into throwing a wedding. With family and friends spread around the globe, I worried how I’d get people in one place. I fretted that loved ones would feel obligated to come even if they didn’t have the time or money to travel. I worried about my aging grandparents and whether they’d feel terribly left out if they weren’t well enough to attend. I was concerned about the cost, of course. And I worried about certain friends and family members who might be recently divorced or broken up and find it sad to attend a wedding. And remember, I had all these concerns before I even met my now-husband! When we finally did meet and started seriously talking marriage, I had a brand-new worry: wedding gifts! Would people feel obligated to get us something? Would we get a bunch of stuff we didn’t want or need? Where in the world would we put everything in our small one-bedroom Manhattan apartment? And finally, should we register for gifts? Is that tacky? Would we look, gasp, greedy? Keep reading »

Get Hitched On The Wedding Truck

If you live in Shelbyville, Illinois, and are getting married in the near future, I suggest that you call minister Darrell Best and have him marry you on his wedding truck. This truck is a 1940s firetruck that’s been painted white and topped with a tiny chapel, complete with an organ. “Typically, we drive to a couple’s favorite spot and hold the service there,” explains Best. “We stand on the back of the truck, and the congregation stands all around, down beneath.” So far, 30 couples have gotten married on his truck, and he says it’s extra popular with motor enthusiasts and bikers. But all the couples have stopped the truck, rather than getting married on the road per se, which I guess is good ’cause I’d hate to see what wedding road rage looks like. “It could be done going down a road—but it hasn’t happened yet,” says Best. “If somebody did want to get married driving down historic Route 66 at mile-marker 100, we could do that.” Perhaps you could be the first? [AOL News] Keep reading »

Wedding Favors Guests Will Actually Use

Wedding season is upon us and if you’re one of the many harried, stressed-out brides-(or grooms)-to-be, one of the things on your long to-do list may be finding the perfect wedding favor for your guests. Favors often end up being cutesy objects that are typically discarded as soon as the wedding’s over (after all, how many of your friends need something with your name and wedding date emblazoned on it?), but of course they don’t have to be. When I got married last July in Central Park, we thought it would be super hot, so we bought these simple and colorful paper folding fans near Chinatown for our guests for about $.75 each (you can read my whole post on throwing a budget wedding here), and skipped any inscription in case our guests ever wanted to use the fans in the future. Keep reading »

Japanese Couple Married By A Robot

A couple in Tokyo was recently married by, get this, a robot “priest.” The I-Fairy robots are traditionally used to give tours around museums and science exhibitions, but now I guess they can add wedding officiant to their job summary. The couple met when the bride, Satoko Inoue, worked at the company that makes the I-Fairy robots and the groom, Tomohiro Shibata, came in as a customer. They credit the robot for bringing them together, so they found it fitting that the I-Fairy would perform the ceremony. The couple say they just want people to see robots as a normal part of life and not merely as bits of metal and plastic. Fine, but where’s the romance?! The couple didn’t even touch each other during the service! Perhaps that’s just a cultural difference, but if that’s what our future with robots looks like, no thanks! [via BuzzFeed and Telegraph] Keep reading »

Girl Talk: The Economic Crisis Has Turned My Man Into A House Husband

The economic crisis has made a housewife out of my husband. Once he wore crisp suits and attended glamorous industry functions; now he wears a gray hoodie with an old pair of jeans and considers walking to the post office an event. His underwear is visible through a rip in the crotch of his jeans that has become so large it has nearly severed the leg from the waistband; I was shocked when I found out he regularly walks along our main road in them. He also wears flip-flops and socks, wedging the thong deep in the fabric, making his feet look like they belong to a ninja, and loudly protests that going to the grocery store is not a “fashion show.” Keep reading »

Facebook Says Getting Engaged Makes Women Unhappy

One would think that becoming engaged would make a woman happy, right? Well, if status updates on Facebook are any indication — and at least two research scientists say they are — that theory is all wrong. Cameron Marlow and D.J. Patil spend their days tracking trends on Facebook where the roughly 400 million users give them a totally unprecedented insight into human behavior. Together, they study what Facebook calls the “Gross National Happiness Index,” an application “that measures the positive and negative sentiments expressed in status posts,” and what they’ve found, especially when it comes to how relationships affect us, may surprise many people. Keep reading »

5 Reasons I’m A Missionary Gal

When I was a kid, my friends and I would trade candy underneath the jungle gym during recess. The popularity of early 1980s candy went as such: Candy necklaces were snatched up first, then Pop Rocks, then Nerds, and last but not least, Pixie Sticks. However, when it was my turn to offer up a sugary confection, I’d elicit groans from my pals when I brought forth from the pocket of my overalls a tube of plain Cherry Lifesavers. The general consensus from the crowd was those hard red circles “tasted like cough syrup.” But I loved their simplistic round design, their steadfast refusal to be bright and popular like the other candies. Keep reading »

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