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5 Engagement Nightmares You Won’t Believe

Getting engaged is supposed to be a dream come true, right? For most couples it’s one of the happiest moments of their lives, but for others … not so much. And every once in a while you hear about a true engagement nightmare. After the jump, some women share their not-so-wonderful engagement stories that may make you wanna say, “I don’t!” Keep reading »

Bridal Diapers: Icky Trend Or Urban Myth?

Our girl Erin just sent me a link to the most, as she would say, amazeballs story ever. Wedding days are stressful for a bride-to-be, but did you know that some women worry they’ll have to use the loo after they’re dressed for walking down the aisle? Wedding dresses are often hard to get in and out of, you see, which is why some brides (and I don’t know the percentages but something tells me it’s not that many) wear bridal diapers under their Vera Wang. According to MarieClaire.com:

After a quick Google search I found out that it’s not a joke. Some bridal shops do in fact sell bridal diapers, which to me sounds like they’re probably just taking a box of Depends and jacking up the price (typical wedding maneuver!).

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Dear Wendy: Bridesmaid Thinks Wedding Is A Charade

I’m supposed to be a bridesmaid at my friend’s upcoming wedding, but a few months ago, I learned that she cheated on her fiancé. She started lying to me about her communication with the other man and it’s clear she isn’t looking to follow anyone’s advice and is going to do what she wants. Canceling or postponing the wedding, or, god forbid, coming clean to her fiancé are out of the question. Her wedding is a destination affair so I will be paying to fly and stay at a very nice hotel for the weekend; the bridesmaid dresses are costly; and the bachelorette party isn’t going to be cheap either. I find myself starting to resent my friend. She comes crying when she feels confused or lost. but hasn’t really expressed or acknowledged how much this is costing or affecting her friends. I have tried to talk to her, but all I get in return are empty promises and lies. Am I supposed to just go along with it? Send an anonymous letter to her fiancé so they can try and have an honest talk about this? I work hard for my money and I really don’t want spend it on this charade. Is there anything I can do that won’t ruin the friendship? Or, am I being overly judgmental and need to mind my own business? — Reluctant Bridesmaid

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12 Wedding Statistics That’ll Surprise You

TheKnot.com is a resource for everything wedding-related, and also some pretty ridiculous statistics. They surveyed 21,000 couples across the country and what they found out was shockalicious, especially during a recession. You can’t run, you can’t hide, bridezillas are everywhere and June is their month. Check out the freaky findings after the jump! Keep reading »

20 Things You Don’t Have To Do At Your Wedding

Over the last few weeks I’ve answered a couple wedding-related questions in my “Dear Wendy” column that left me wondering why people are still following outdated “rules” when planning a wedding. One person who wrote me worried that her fiancé would have more guests on “his side” than she’d have on hers; the letter I posted yesterday incited a debate about the etiquette of organizing a wedding party. As someone who got married last summer, I know there can be a lot of outside pressure on the people planning the wedding and it’s easy to lose sight of what’s most important and meaningful to them, so after the jump, a helpful reminder of 20 things you do not have to do at your wedding (no matter what the mother-of-the-bride might say!). Keep reading »

Dear Wendy: “Is It OK To Call Guys For A Second Date?”

I’m a woman on the cusp of her 30th birthday and have enjoyed my single status for over a year now, but am looking for a relationship again (I had three serious ones throughout my twenties). About a year ago, I joined an online dating site, and have had no shortage of first-dates, but very few second dates. Granted, I don’t always want a second date with every guy I go out with, but I’m baffled when my date seems to show genuine interest and then I never hear from him again. So my first question is this: do women really have something to lose if we go ahead and call after a date to take a man up on his offer? Several friends are insistent that calling after the first date makes a woman look desperate, end of story. I am not sure how many more blows I can take in this department — there’s always the nagging question of, “What if I had just called?” I’m also wondering if there’s some “secret” I’ve been oblivious to in the past year that will magically make me more successful in the dating world. I believe I’m a “catch” and I know all the first-date don’ts: don’t drink too much, don’t talk about your ex, don’t sleep with him or come on too strong, etc. Is there something else I should be (or not be) doing? — Tired of Being Single

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Girl Talk: A Place To Call Ours

In exactly 11 days, something very exciting is happening in my life and relationship: My husband and I are finally moving out of his bachelor pad and into a new apartment. When I moved in nearly three years ago, I never expected to stay here this long. In fact, when I initially moved to New York from Chicago, I only meant to stay in Drew’s apartment long enough to find a job and a place of my own. Things changed, though, and Drew and I quickly realized we really enjoyed living together. So I stayed. Even after I finally found work and could afford to get my own place, it seemed dumb for us to live apart when what we wanted was to be together. And for awhile it made sense to stay in Drew’s bachelor pad here in Manhattan. Even though he’d lived here for 13 years already — since he was 24 — the apartment was a great space in a convenient location (especially for someone brand-new to the city), with one of those controlled rents you normally only hear about in urban legends. But now it’s time to go. Keep reading »

Should You Change Yourself For Your Wedding?

Well, we’re ankle deep in wedding season, with the real push starting Memorial Day and Vera Wang Chung-ing it straight through Labor Day. And while wedding planning is a Big Deal, it seems that the biggest concern for most wedding parties is the pictures. In fact, the second biggest wedding fear for lots of ladies (between a no-show husband and saying the wrong name) is that the photos will somehow get funked up. Many brides, grooms and mothers of the bride are strict adherents to the saying that, while your marriage may not last forever, the photographs will. But while a wedding is huge, the days, weeks and decades after, it can be argued, are far more important.

My point being that the whole operation seems to be a contrived photo op. Keep reading »

Girl Talk: I’m Not Sold On Monogamy

I was sitting around talking with some single ladies the other night. The topic du jour was the very popular “What are we looking for in a relationship?” I listened to variations on a theme: “someone to spend the rest of my life with,” “a partner, lover, and best friend forever.” I took it in. I even nodded my head and shared their vision to an extent, but the pragmatist in me started to think that forever and ever with one person sounded a little bit naïve. Does anybody really know what forever with a person looks like until they’ve done it? Following that logic, how can I really speculate what I want with a person forever and ever? Especially one I haven’t even met? Maybe there’s a reason why so many relationships don’t survive because of infidelity and maybe that reason is simpler than we think. Maybe monogamy isn’t really working for many of us. Keep reading »

Dear Wendy: “I’m Engaged, But I’m Not In Love”

Wendy is off today, so I’m reposting an oldie but a goodie from her Dear Wendy column. She’ll be back at it tomorrow!

I have been dating my boyfriend for about three months. We get along great and he would do anything for me. We just have one problem. He doesn’t believe in evolution and I very passionately do. We got in a discussion about it which quickly turned into a huge fight. Although my current career has taken me down a different path, I have my masters degree in biology concentrated in ecology and evolution so I know a little something about it and pretty much dedicated my entire education to learning about it. He is an engineer and very smart, but I just found out that he used to be really religious, hence his disbelief in evolution. I tried to answer his many misconceptions about evolution as best I could without being prepared for such a heavy debate, but he persisted in refusing to listen to the evidence I presented and even compared me to a religious zealot who has been brainwashed by my schooling. I know that when I feel passionately about something I can get quite worked up and come across as condescending. I understand that a lot of couples have different beliefs and make it work so I know that we can too. However, I don’t want us to have restrictions on what we can or can’t discuss in a rational manner. So I guess what I am asking is how do I broach this topic in a manner that doesn’t turn into a huge argument? Should I just accept that we may never agree on the topic and try to get over it? — The “Mad” Scientist

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