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5 Things We Didn’t Know About Our Orgasms

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The 10 Most Horrifying Animal Penises On Earth

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Silly Hats Abound At Zara Phillips’ Nuptials Because, Duh, It’s A Royal Wedding!

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13 Unexpected Celebrity Hobbies

10 Best Beards Of The Past 10 Years

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16 Celebs Who Are Supposedly Bad In Bed

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The Year In Shocking Celebrity Hair Transformations So Far

By: Julie Gerstein / July 27, 2011
Women always be changing their hair. It's a maxim you can set your watch to. And celebrity ladies are no different. In fact, whether it's for a role, because of a breakup, or simply because their agent told them putting blue streaks in their locks might garner them an extra bit of press (looking at… More »

The 5 Different Types Of Sluts

By: Jessica Wakeman / July 26, 2011

Shopping Guide: The Sexy Lingerie Life We Wish We Had

By: Annika Harris / July 25, 2011
It's easy to get into an underwear rut, especially since cotton briefs are so comfortable. But every woman needs pretty lingerie in her life for the moments when she wants to feel special and throw practicality to the wind. Here's the lingerie we'd like to wear around the boudoir. More »

10 Celebrity Men Who Stepped Out On Their Pregnant Wives/Girlfriends

The 9 Most Ridiculous & Sexy Outfits At Comic-Con

By: Jessica Wakeman / July 23, 2011
This beyotch is my new hero. It's hard to make Chewbacca sexy, dammit. Is she somebody's "booth babe" or just a pretty girl in a "Star Wars" outfit? Who cares. Marry me. [BuzzFeed]… More »

5 Color Rules You Should Totally Break

By: Winona Dimeo-Ediger / July 22, 2011
Emma Stone showed up at the "Friends With Benefits" premiere rocking a color combination that is usually avoided: red and pink. Fire engine red and bright fuchsia, to be exact. And how striking does she look? Girlfriend ispulling it off. As Ms. Stone illustrates, flouting the "rules" of color can yield awesome results, and I… More »

Love ‘Em Or Hate ‘Em: The 10 Most Expensive Celeb Weddings In Semi-Recent Memory

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Nerd Girl Porn: Men With Moobs

By: Ami Angelowicz / July 22, 2011
I don't discriminate against men of any kind. I've dated the disabled, the bald, the fat, the moobed—you name it, I've let it into my bed. Imperfections only make a dude more relatable in my eyes. All of us have "flaws" -- from foot nipples to cellulite -- and it would be cruel to fault another… More »

10 Brides Arrested On Their Wedding Day

9 Famous Names You Wouldn’t Guess Got Their Start In Playboy

Surprise! Designer Cynthia Rowley got her big break thanks to Playboy. At a party over the weekend, Rowley was overheard saying that she got her very first credit in a magazine when she was a student and Playboy published a spread of a model in a sailor hat and matching skirt of her design. The only problem? More »

10 Celebs Busted Doing The Walk Of Shame

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