The Most Painfully Uncomfortable Moments People Have Had With Their Family Members

Your mom didn't need to see that

Blood is thicker than water. Family first. You’ve heard these all your life… but is it always true? I mean, we all have secrets, even in a tight knit family. While loyalty is important, your sister doesn’t need to know about your dildo collection, right?

Then again, sometimes your family does know about such things.

The time I lost my virginity, my mom caught us. When my ex was a teen, his mom busted into his room while he was masturbating and yelled, “AHA! I CAUGHT YOU!” My friend walked in on her grandparents going at it. We all have at least one super embarrassing thing that has happened with one of our family members. Considering how prevalent XXX content is on the internet nowadays, it usually has to do with walking in on sexy times.

What do you think is worse? Your parent(s) catching you or you seeing your parent(s) get busy?

These Redditors reveal the worst things they’ve accidentally shared with their family.

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