Women Share the Frustrations of Their Weirdest Sexual Experiences

These guys are unacceptable.

We’ve all had awkward experiences in the bedroom (or, shower, backseat of the car, kitchen table, etc). Like the time I was sitting on a guy’s face and farted into his mouth because we just did some bum stuff. I was so mortified that I jumped off him and couldn’t speak. He thought it was just a queef, and I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

That’s pretty bad, right? I mean the dude probably ate some of my poo particles. However, after reading some of these women’s stories, my accident didn’t seem so bad compared to their partners’ ignorance and general douche-iness. Read on, and I hope you actually laugh out of loud like I did.

Credit: Elena Sikorskaya/Shutterstock

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