Women Reveal The Kinky But “Subtle” Hints They Give Their Men When They’re in the Mood

Men are totally clueless...

It’s usually pretty easy to tell when your guy wants to get down and dirty. After a decentamount of time together, the wooing is long gone and he simply just grabs your hand and just puts it on his boner while you watch Netflix.

While plenty of woman are vocal about when they are DTF, some prefer more subtle options: a wink, a lip lick, a touch of the hand. While these signals might have been picked up on at the end of the first few dates, years of marriage or cohabitation make sexy time less predictable. So maybe when a woman wants to get it on, that little wink won’t convey the same message as it used to. Seriously, some men need to be knocked upside the head to get the clue that their SOs are in the mood.

Check out these clever “hints” women of Reddit give their men when it comes time to get funky.

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