Women Tell All: Spit or Swallow?


Ladies, we all have that one thing we like to do when in the bedroom, and we all do it differently. Depending on what it is… some of us do it because it drives our men wild and some of us do it because it drives us wild. If your thing is going down on your guy, I have one simple question: Spit or swallow?

While it may be a simple question, the answer is far from the same. Many love finishing their guy off, but in the actual moment, things can get gross. One woman answered, “Why spit and waste it, when you can swallow and taste it? Girls call it nasty, men call it hot, women call it yummy!”

Some of the following women agree, while some are not at all here for it. Which side are you on?

Credit: Piotr Marcinski/Shutterstock

These women tell if they spit or swallow