Women Share Their Period Horror Stories

It's gonna get messy in here...

If you have a uterus, odds are that you’ve had to experience menstruation. Our periods usually begins in our awkward teen years and hangs out with us for several days a month for the next few decades.

Since every body is different, no two periods are the same. Some people get them every three months and some every 28 days, like clockwork. Some periods come with unbearable pain and some pass by, barely noticed. But one thing we all in common is getting the underwear surprise when we weren’t expecting it — and it’s especially bad when you get caught out and about without the proper products in your bag!

At the very least, these Redditors embarrassing, painful, bloody stories will make you thank your lucky stars that they didn’t happen to you…

Credit: Stepan Kapl/Shutterstock

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