This Cougar Has Had Affairs with 100+ Married Men, Claims She’s the “Perfect Solution” for Failing Marriages

"I'm the perfect solution"

More often than not, the amount of bedroom romps a married couple has dwindles significantly after decades of marriage. Our bodies, including our hormones, simply change. Add life on top of that, with so many of us being exhausted after work, dealing with children, and house chores. Don’t forget having to deal with all those lovely surprises that gets thrown at you, like a broken transmission or catching a terrible cold in the middle of the work week. Because of so many factors, you either don’t have time or don’t have the energy to get sexy with your partner as much as you used to.

However, what if one of the partners cheated? Would it necessarily mean the end of the relationship? Lots of married couples work through infidelity through counseling… However, one British woman claims having a tryst with her will save marriages.

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