Women Reveal What They Learned About Doing It From Using Toys

Because self love is the best love

If you’re a female adult, living in this day in age, I’m sure you’ve flicked your… a time or two (or three). Do you ever remember your first time pleasuring yourself? I do. I was a freshman in college; my girls and I went to an adult video store one night after leaving a bar. It was such a random trip, but I soon realized that it was worth it.

From that moment on, I learned so much about myself and my body. Not only that, I became an expert in intimate toy etiquette. I’m not the only one. The following women are intimate toy connoisseurs who, at one point, found themselves in super awkward positions. They reveal things they’ve learned about doing it with toys.

Credit: leynikov Pavel/Shutterstock

Here are some tips toy owners and users have learned