Women Share the Ways Men Totally Creep Them Out

"Hey, baby! Smile!"

In 2014, the #YesAllWomen hashtag was trending all over social media. Users shared their stories of misogyny, harassment, and violence against women. It became a rallying cry, proof that sexism still exists and that the many women who have been victims of the patriarchy will not longer put up with it in silence. #YesAllWomen was also a response to defense men who used the hashtag #NotAllMen, which many men used while getting defensive by trying to say that “not all men” behave inappropriately towards women in their lives.

#NotAllMen eventually became a joke hashtag since so many men on social media were using it to derail serious discussions on topics such as sexual assault and domestic violence. Yes, not all men are garbage… But all women have been victim of some sort of sexist act.

One of the biggest issues is that some men don’t even realize that they’re creeping. Cat-callers claim to be “friendly” and are giving “compliments.” Following a woman for blocks isn’t cool just because she smiled in your direction for half a second. Servers at bars and restaurants are paid to be friendly, it doesn’t mean they want some D.

Read anonymous stories of extremely creepy things that have happened to them by strange men.

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