Ladies Recall Their First Big O…and WOW

The first of many to come...

As your probably know, not all women can reach orgasm through intercourse. It goes without saying that a good partner should try to help you find a way to get off. While getting it on is still certainly enjoyable without finishing, there really is nothing like a good orgasm to put your mind and body at ease. That is, unless you can get that orgasm from somewhere besides a peen.

Do you remember your first orgasm? Was it with your high school sweetheart’s fingers? A vibrator? A shower head? There are plenty of ways to try to help yourself cum. I don’t recall my first Big O, but I guess that means it wasn’t memorable, but I will tell you once a guy got me off just by playing with my nipples. But the following women of Reddit have no problem vividly recalling the first time they felt ecstasy.

Credit: Aleynikov Pavel/Shutterstock

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