This Fetish Has Women Putting Worms in Their Vags

Please. Stop. Now.

Lots of people have all sorts of unconventional fetishes. There is acrotomophilia, which is an arousal to amputees. People who have a thing for pubic hair is called pubephilia. And there are actually people out there who get turned on by something typically non-sexual, like falling down the stairs, a.k.a. climacophilia.

I’m not sure how you know you are into this fetish, but formicophilia is when you get turned on by small creatures like bugs or slugs being on your body. While most people cringe at things like ants and maggots, it’s a turn on for a select few.

Here’s what it’s like for woman with formicophilia.

Credit: Witaya Proadtayakogool/Shutterstock