Women Give Their Brutally Honest Experiences and Opinions on Cut and Uncut Dongs

A little off the top?

Here in The U.S., we’re more apt see circumcised peens, and they’re usually done when an infant is very young. In most other places in the world, the norm is NOT getting that extra bit of flesh around the peener removed as the practice was deemed unnecessary aside from religious practices.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has seen a noticeable drop in parents opting to get their little boys circumcised within the last couple of decades. There is always talk about how uncut peens are more sensitive, thus get more pleasure out of sexual interactions or that they take extra time to clean properly in the shower.

But what about women who have experienced time with both cut and uncut wangs? Do they have a preference or is all just getting some D at the end of the day?

Credit: GNT STUDIO/Shutterstock

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