Women and Men Reveal Their Freakiest Kinks

Do you like it NASTY?

Do remember the first time you tried something kinky in bed? Were you in college? Was it not until your 40s? Sometimes it takes the right partner to introduce you to new things in bed. Or you could be married for 20 years and decide to put some excitement back into your love making.

Common kinks are role playing, bondage, light chocking, some BDSM, spanking… you get the idea. But for some people that stuff is just as boring as vanilla missionary style. Like with many addictions, they a bigger dose. In this case, it means that they need things much more of the out of the ordinary in order to get off.

These Redditors share their unconventional turn ons. Are you ready to open your mind to some salacious kinks?

Credit: Chetty Thomas/Shutterstock

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