Woman With Two Hoo-Ha’s Preggo With Miracle Child

It's truly a miracle

Childbirth can be the most exhilarating, yet anxiety-filled, thing in a woman’s life. Many reservations come along with preparing to deliver your child into this world. Swirling in your mind may be questions like: Will this hurt? How many pain meds will I be able to have? Did that just rip?!

Take all the questions you think of then double them. Krista Schwab was diagnosed with uterus didelphys at age 12, which means she also has a pair of reproductive organs (AKA… She has two private parts).

Her disorder has caused her to miscarry more than once. Nevertheless, last December, Schwab and her husband took a home pregnancy test because she had put on a little extra weight. The results were miraculous and previously thought to be impossible.

Source: Youtube @BARBARA TV


Which one will the kid use for its grand entrance?
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