Woman CAUGHT on Camera Lifting Skirt to Spray Crotch With Perfume in Store

Smells fishy

The perfume industry makes about $30 billion a year. From full-sized bottles to rollerballs to minis to sprays, people spend serious cash to smell good. Smelling clean isn’t enough for some women and men; they want their scent to be alluring, intriguing, mysterious, or whatever other attractive words companies use to sell their expensive products.

The perfume industry has broken humans into two types of people: those who wear perfume everyday and those who don’t own any at all. Regardless of which kind of person you are, there’s no shame in taking a whiff of a designer perfume or two while in the department store.

However, one woman took it too far with her product testing. You’ve got to see this video. She gets all up in there. Luckily for us (unluckily for her), this happened right under a CCTV camera.

(If any of her friends are out there, she will have awful nicknames for the rest of her life.)

Source: YouTube/Mother day

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