Daughter Pleads Guilty to Incest After Marrying Her 44 Year Old Mom

Why is this woman attracted to her own kids?!

Patricia Spann is being seen as a particularly vicious predator for her crimes. She didn’t physically harm anyone involved, but the emotional toll that her actions will take on her victims will probably last a lifetime. Patricia gave birth to three children during her teens and early 20s. The children were taken away from her and placed with Patricia’s, parents Barbara and James Spann. They raised the children into adulthood as it didn’t take long for them to realize that Patricia didn’t want to be a loving, nurturing figure in their lives. For that reason, they shared almost nothing about Patricia with her children.

Years later, she reconnected with her children and became close with all of three of them — but not as their long, lost mother. Instead, she said that she was just a friend of the family…

Source: Facebook/Patricia Spann