Bleed Free: Woman Runs Marathon Without a Tampon to Raise Awareness

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I will never run a marathon.

I know: Never say never, remove “can’t” from your vocabulary, and all that jazz. But when I say I’ll never run a marathon, it’s because I don’t like running, and I could never, ever imagine doing it for hours on end. That being said, I have tremendous respect for people with the discipline and stamina to train and train until they’re finally ready for those 26.2 miles.

After all, running a marathon is just about one of the most grueling physical things humans choose to do to themselves. Imagine all the pain, the fatigue, the shin splints, the bladder issues, the mental struggle, the chafing. Now imagine being a woman and having to run a marathon while on your period, and the thought might be one of the most “nope” things to cross your mind.

Now meet the woman who did it purposefully to raise awareness for female hygiene across the globe.

Oh yeah, she did it without a tampon. Here’s why she might look familiar and why she chose to do it!

Source: Madame Gandhi

Talk about going with the flow...
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