Why Are Some Women Reluctant to Call Themselves Feminists?

We can do it?

Recently, a feminist friend of mine on Facebook posted a question asking if people call themselves “feminist.” Men and women alike chimed in, hastily denouncing feminism before clarifying that they supported many concepts that they didn’t seem to know were included under the term “feminism.” Basically they believe in the principles but not the label.

The word “feminism” has been scary to many people since its inception. Some people just think of women burning their bras, angry man-hating lesbians, and shaming housewives (some of whom are perfectly content). But it’s 2018 and we’re looking at the forth wave of feminism, which is really about inclusion at its core ― especially the fourth wave, which thrives on the use of social media for feminists to share information and to call out misogyny in a public way.

So why is it, even with the concept of feminism being so prevalent on social media and in the mainstream, that some people cringe at the word “feminist”?

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