Why This Guy Prefers a Love Doll Over His Wife

A Silicone Romance

Don’t tell my exes, but the ending of most of my relationships has been because of boredom. In bed and out of bed, I often hit a stalemate with them.

This isn’t uncommon with couples who have been together awhile. Especially those who have been married to the same person for decades, the sparks in the sheets often aren’t there anymore. When it gets to this point, couples have to get creative.

To keep his love life flourishing, Japanese physiotherapist Masayuki Ozak decided to get a RealDoll, an anatomically correct and actual-sized silicone women or men to order. The original love doll comes with features catered by the customer, and they are getting more and more advanced every year, with the growth of artificial intelligence.

Sure, he loves the doll… but, what does his wife think about this?

Source: Instagram @silicon.doll

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