Why Do Some Women Still Think That Periods Are “Gross”?

No more shame!

I couldn’t wait to start menstruating. Before puberty, I was one of those girls who were eager to grow up so I could wear bras and frilly panties.

Since most girls get their first period during middle school, this was when we gossiped and bragged about everything. However, menstruating was embarrassing for some girls. Some found themselves constantly wondering if everyone knew and whether or not boys could see the bulge of the pads. Even in the girls’ bathroom during lunch, some tried to quietly changing their pads, so the other girls wouldn’t hear.

Even though we were taught that the process of menstruating is completely natural and that almost all women go through it, some still felt ashamed.

Fast forward to third and forth wave feminism, women are embracing their bodies, periods and all. There’s females who drink their period blood from their menstrual cups alongside women who paint with their menstrual blood. Free bleeding is even happening these days.

So, with the feminist movement and women freely talking about the periods, why is there still a revulsion by many people?

Credit: Stepan Kapl/Shutterstock

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