Why People Stay in Bad Relationships

Have you dragged out a relationship past its prime?

Many of us have prolonged a breakup at one point in our lives or another. We make excuses, we give them “one more chance,” or we just don’t want to deal with hassle of it. From simply growing apart to turning toxic or worse, plenty of people stick it out in relationships that have far surpassed their expiration dates. Why do people push through the unhappiness?

We all know at least one person who constantly complains about their partner being annoying or messing up somehow. Or maybe you are friends with a couple that fight constantly, in public and behind closed door. Of course, if you ask them why they don’t just break up you’ll usually get the answer “Because I love them.” But is that always the case?

Sometimes, yeah… but there are a lot of other reasons people stay in relationships when they aren’t happy.

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