Why Do People Still Get Married?

Why do you "I do"?

I don’t get the concept of marriage in America in this day and age. I know I may seem weird for questioning it, but honestly I wonder why everyone doesn’t question it more.

Euripides, a Greek playwright from the 5th century BCE, once said: “Question everything. Learn something. Answer nothing.” Why don’t we question more of our culture’s ceremonies and traditions?

Let’s be clear though… I’m not questioning what marriage started out as: an institution born of religious fervor, socioeconomic security, and the need to procreate. I’m questioning modern marriage. These days, at least in the U.S., there are many married couples who are not religious, can financially support themselves as individuals, and don’t want children.

So why do they choose to get married instead of just living together for as long as they please? Why is the concept of wedlock still so important to so many Americans?

Credit: IVASHstudio/Shutterstock

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