The Pink Tax: Why Are Haircuts So Expensive for Women?

It's not easy being pink

On median, a woman gets paid 79% of what a man would make, according to Business Insider. It’s not only the sexism and missing income that enrages many people… It’s the fact that us women also have to spend more money on everyday things, like personal care items.

For example, our pink colored (pink = girls, of course) razors are the same as men’s, but for some reason they cost more than the blue or grey ones that are marketed towards men. The “pink tax” is also extended out to other gender neutral things like car repair, dry cleaning, and more.

Oh, and hair salons! They still differentiate between a “men’s cut” and a “woman’s cut.” The cost different can be almost double. What can we do about it?

Credit: Olena Bloshchynska/Shutterstock

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