What to Do When Your Friends Don’t Like Your Partner

Stuck in the middle?

It wasn’t until after I broke up with my college boyfriend that my best friend told me that she had hated him. She said he was pretentious, liked to press people’s buttons, and get into political arguments just for his own entertainment. I wondered why she didn’t tell me sooner and she said she thought it’d get mad at her. I did get mad at her… for not telling me sooner.

I did some stupid s**t in college, but I would never choose my boyfriend over my BFF. Had I known her dislike of him, I wouldn’t have forced them to spend time together. I would have talked to him about the way she felt and asked him to be cognizant of her feelings.

My situation is not uncommon, but can it be avoided? In an ideal relationship, your real friends would get along swimmingly with your partner, but that’s not always the case. So what do you do when you feel like you’re being pulled into opposite directions?

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