What to Do When You Aren’t Attracted to Your Partner Anymore

Have the sparks faded?

Maybe you were only together a year, or maybe it’s been fifteen (or fifty!), sometimes the physical attraction just seems to taper off. In fact, for most couples, this is the natural course of events. But when a relationship is still fresh and you are still young and healthy, what gives? Sure, you can look at them objectively and notice how good looking they are or still appreciate those abs, but your eyes are no longer connected to your loins. Of course they’ve noticed that sexual relations have become less frequent and less enthusiastic.

Is it them? Is it you? The physical fun in a relationship is a big deal, especially if you are still young. As with any issue, it’s best to address this problem as soon as you notice it. Here are some easy steps you can take (because this is an issue that won’t go away on its own).

Credit: Tony Bowler/Shutterstock

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