When Doing It Got Dangerous… And Hilarious

Fear makes it all the more fun

When you finally get that cute girl or hot guy all to yourself and things start getting seriously hot and heavy, any number of things can go wrong, making you both stop in your tracks. Not even a rush of hormones or the desire to end a long dry spell can combat the wacky mood-killer that just happened. Perhaps whatever you’re doing to the other person brought up some traumatic memories for them, so they become a sobbing, inconsolable mess. If you’ve got little humans or little animals running around, you know that they’re always bent on destroying your sexy time. The biggest mood ruiner of all is laughter, but it may just end up drawing you closer together in the end.

The events that transpired between these horny lovers was definitely enough to stop the erotic goings-on, but it didn’t always end badly for them.

Kaspars Grinvalds/Shutterstock

Not even the hottest partner in the world can get it going after scenarios like these
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