Here’s What Your Lady Bits Are Supposed To Smell Like

"Is this normal?"

Something they don’t teach in health class is hygiene. Sure, they teach you about the menstrual cycle, but not how that affects your specific smell all month! Most adolescents are self-conscious, scared of sticking out, and too weirded out to discuss those things with teachers and parents. It doesn’t help if you hang around boys who make jokes about women smelling like “fish” or “hot garbage water” — especially when it’s from boys who most likely have never seen one in real life!

By adulthood, every woman should know what their “normal” scent is. A lot of us get that after period stank or whiffs of an infection… but we also should know what is normal down there! Unfortunately, there are lots of women are still self-conscious that their bits have a distinct smell at all!

So what’s the deal with the way our crotches smell? Here’s a handy guide.

Credit: Vladimir Gjorgiev/Shutterstoock

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