Ten Women Share Their Thoughts That Occur to Them During Sexy Time

You've definitly thought this

A lot goes through a woman’s mind before, during and after getting it on. If it’s a good sesh, hopefully a woman can turn her brain off and just enjoy the moment. However, the fact is that a lot of the time women are curious, confused, embarrassed, or even disgusted. Their minds are racing in order to give good pleasure and get equal in return.

This is especially true if they are with a new partner for the first time. First of all, they are probably already stressing about their makeup, outfit, and/or underwear. Then they have to get into a make-out rhythm, and then figure out what kind of foreplay works for her guy. All of this is made worse if said guy doesn’t communicate which kind of sexy things he likes and which kind he doesn’t, so it’s all a guessing game.

Then, when it comes to P in V time, they worry about the guy they picked sucking in bed. What then?!

Check out these too relatable thoughts all women have had at least once.

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