People Reveal What They Secretly Hate Most About Watching a Friend’s Wedding

I do... not.

Weddings and marriages are a point of contention for many people. More and more of the younger generations are forgoing marriages. Once, the institution of marriage was integral to western society. The commitment and joining of families has social, financial, and reproductive benefits that helped everyone survive (even if it was sometimes toxic). Now? Not so much. Most women in the U.S. are able to take care of themselves, a third of millennials reject any specific religious affiliation, and there a steep drop off of children being born to millennial parents.

However, the concept a traditional wedding is still a big deal here in the States. It’s supposed to be the best day of a bride and groom’s life, with some putting tens of thousand of dollars into the event, making the wedding industry over $50 billion a year. But there are so many people that detest weddings for various reasons. Why? These people are here to tell you!

Credit: Viacheslav Boiko/Shutterstock

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