Everything You Didn’t Want to Know About “Soaking”


Many religions are very strict about premarital fornication. And as old as those religions are, there will always be horny teens until the end of mankind. And those teenagers inevitably find loopholes in their religious texts to be able to have some kind of sexual contact.

Unprotected anal is a popular one: Christian teens sometimes call this “saddlebacking.” It’s named after Saddleback Church whose figurehead, Reverend Rick Warren, told the devout kids within his church that anal isn’t actually intercourse.

An urban legend about many young Mormons is “soaking.” It’s the craze allegedly sweeping the nation (or, you know, Brigham Young University and the Salt Lake City area). Put the peen in vag… and just hang out there. No pumping or thrusting allowed! Yep.

Let’s see what religious Redditors have to say about practices like these.

Credit: AlessandroBiascioli/Shutterstock

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