When Backdoor Action Goes Horribly Wrong

Warning! NSFW!

Being poked and licked in the bum was once thought of as only a guy-on-guy thing. Perhaps modern adult films gave straight people the idea to use that hole for their own pleasure, because butt-play seems to have spread like wildfire the last few years. Many people of all sexual orientations want to give and/or take it in the tush.

Of course, it’s not a spot for everyone. A lot of men and women are scared of the pain and the poops. They may even be thrown off over what that particular hole might actually be like… Sweaty? Hairy? Dingleberry-filled?

If you have yet to experience any fun time back there, then I urge you to stop reading. The following real life Reddit stories are filled with nasty horror that will make you never want to experiment. Cases like these don’t happen that often, but when they do, it makes for an incredible read.

Credit: iproname/Shutterstock

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