Men Share What They Really Think About When Trying Not To Nut Too Soon

Margaret Thatcher on a cold day?

Some guys can last for hours. For me, I can’t stand long sessions, I get all sore and bored and tired.

But on the other hand you have the guys who nut too fast. Two minutes? It happens, but you’d rather it not. We get that maybe you haven’t ejaculated in awhile or are super turned on, but there can be disappointment when this happens for both partners.

I imagine that just about everyone with a penis has been in a situation where they try as hard as they can not to cum too quickly, but got ahead of themselves and couldn’t help it.

So what to do? They think about non-sexual things to keep their minds off the intense pleasure. These Redditors all have their own methods to distract themselves.

Credit: argo74/Shutterstock

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