This Is What Drugs and Alcohol Do to Your Body While Getting It On

Does it help or hinder your performance?

As you probably already know, fooling around after getting high or knocking a few drinks back makes things different. It’s not uncommon for people to have a couple of cocktails or smoke a little something to loosen their up their inhibitions or just to calm their nerves before engaging with a new partner.

While these mind altering substances can be fun, what do they actually do to you while you are getting it on? We all know about what happens to some guys when they drink too much before jumping into bed, but how else are we affected? Find out the results of a recent scientific study: Archives of Sexual Behavior was put out by New York University, studying the affects of alcohol and/or marijuana on the romantic lives of 12 straight men and 12 straight women.

Credit: lichok/Shutterstock

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