Women Share the Most Bizarre Things Men Have Ever Asked Them to Do in Bed

So. Much. Poo.

I don’t judge people’s kinks: As long it’s consensual with all parties involved, it should be nobody else’s business what horny people do behind closed doors. Kinky things like BDSM, golden showers, foot worship, and orgies are nothing to bat any eye at these days, but sometimes a guy’s fetish goes in an obscure direction.

If a woman has ever put up a Missed Connections on Craigslist or has been on any dating app, then she’s probably gotten some really weird, raunchy requests from strangers. Even just walking down the street, many women will get accosted by strange men casually asking for favors like they are just asking for the time of day. I can’t help but wonder where some people picked up their, um, extremely specific and unconventional kinks.

Honestly, you shouldn’t eat while you read about these fetishes.

Credit: Nomad_Soul/Shutterstock

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