Wedding Cancelled After Groom Gets a Hold of Bachelorette Party Footage!

It was too steamy for him

Part of the excitement and fun of getting married can be the planning process. Squaring away little details like the caterer, florist, reception venue, and even planning your honeymoon can give you wedding day jitters and prepare you for the big day. With so much on your plate and your mind, it can be a relief when your wedding party takes over the responsibility of planning other events like the bachelor and bachelorette parties.

Your best guys and girls are supposed to plan your last fling before the ring and get you to the church on time. Good friends make sure that your last moments as a single man or woman are filled with fun and excitement, not regret and shame. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case for this woman who ends up severing her marriage before they even exchange vows!

Source: Facebook @Carmelo Delva


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