We Need to Talk About “Accidental Anal”

This noise has to stop

Butt stuff is all rage these days between heterosexuals. It seems like more and more guys like how tight a bumhole can be. It probably doesn’t help that many men probably watch too many anal adult films where the actresses are experienced and professional.

Have all us gotten the “Oops!” poke in the rear at least once during intercourse, right? Or the boyfriend who wants to play “just the tip” as a half-joke? Well there’s a new (and often non-consensual) thing that some straight men are doing with their girlfriends and wives: Accidental anal. The “accidental” part of the phrase could be argued as sarcastic because AA happens when a man jams his entire dong into a woman’s ass without her knowing that it’s coming. How do you do that by accident?

Let’s find out.

Credit: nd3000/Shutterstock

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