The Right Ways to Reignite the Flame After Your Relationship Has Lost Its Spark

The work is worth it

Have you ever seen an elderly couple walking down the sidewalk holding hands? It’s makes you feel all warm inside — and maybe a little envious. It means that, after decades together, they are still in love with each other and still like to show affection.

Even though bedroom antics usually taper off after a certain amount of time, that doesn’t necessarily mean the spark in the relationship fizzles out with it. It’s not enough to be in a relationship and carry on as partners, day in and day out. A relationship needs to be constantly nurtured. Of course, there are lots of bumps in the road, but keeping these relationship goals in mind will help make that drive much smoother.

Check out these easy things to do during your relationship.

Credit: Roman Samborskyi/Shutterstock

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