Celibate Man Marries His Virgin Wife Only To Find Out She’s Already…

That's got to put a damper on the festivities

One of the saddest facts of life is that most people will be cheated on at least once. You may not even know it when it happens, but there are some terrible ways that people find out that their partner was doing things that they shouldn’t have. For women who have cheated, winding up pregnant with the other guy’s child is the ultimate sign of your indiscretions, and it’s made even more powerful when your man knows that it can’t be his because he’s incapable of fertilizing an egg or hasn’t been doing it with you at all. That’s how this poor sap found out that his new wife wasn’t waiting for her wedding night to get deflowered.

Credit: Dejan Dundjerski/Shutterstock

That wasn't the wedding gift he expected or wanted