That Awkward Moment When Two New Coworkers Realized They Share the Same Boyfriend

"The gag is my boyfriend lives with me."

Cheating in this day in age is much, much harder than it used to be. In addition to all the sneaking around and lies that breed lies, cheaters now often leave breadcrumbs all over the internet that can arouse suspicion and even evidence. This is especially true of those that are addicted to social media who feel the need to document everything they do or think. And if their profiles are public, anyone can stalk them online. Or even try to pick them up online.

But sometimes worlds collide in a random and serendipitous way. On Sept. 9, Twitter user @AyanaTheDiva decided to publicly reveal how she found out her boyfriend had another woman on the side through Instagram. The best part is what she decided to do about it.

Source: Twitter @AyanaTheDIVA

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