Back Door Blunder: The Most Traumatic Anal Experiences People Have Had

I said, what what, in the butt

If you have never tried anal play in bed, I’m sure you’ve had some issue with your butthole. The first few times of P in A aren’t the most comfortable situations in the world, there could be pain for hours or days afterwards. And if you are like me, the constant need to run to the bathroom immediately following the act.

So much more can go wrong with your backdoor that doesn’t even involve sex: Diarrhea, hemorrhoids, abscesses… you get the idea. Butt stuff, whether sexual or medical, is still somewhat taboo. If you have an issue with your bunghole, not only do you NOT want to tell anyone, but going to seek medical attention can be embarrassing. Even though nurses and doctors have seen it all, having someone stand around with a flashlight while you spread your cheeks isn’t a fun time. (Yes, I’ve been there).

These Redditors share their butthole pain tales. And let’s just say you should be glad these things haven’t happened to you.

Credit: vchal/Shutterstock

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