Romantic Waterfall Marriage Proposal Goes Terribly Wrong in Viral Video

The start of something disastrous

These days, it’s seems that almost everyone has a very strong opinion of marriage.

Once upon a time in America, it was something you were forced into during your teen years. But nowadays, people are waiting longer and longer in life to get hitched. Well, that’s if they even decide to get married at all; which many people are choosing not to do.

But for those old romantics who want to commit to another person for life, these are the days of photographing and recording everything so you can make every single move a moment to remember forever; something to show your grandkids. Or maybe your supposedly precious videos are for millions of strangers to remember forever when things get a little twisted.

That’s what happened to this couple. They attempt to capture their special, romantic proposal on a phone camera… But with mother nature involved, nothing is predictable.

Source: Facebook @Andrew Schuhmann