Things Men Can Get Away With That Women Still Can’t

Rage at these double standards

There are still plenty of people at there that cringe at the word “feminism.” Also, there are still plenty of American women who don’t think we need feminism anymore because to them, we’ve reached equality. Why? By using their own limited experiences to dismiss the experiences of others.

For example, “I get paid the same as my male coworker and that’s proof of equal pay, so what are women complaining about?” (Yeah, I get into the comment sections of things too much.)

But if you are woke, you know that there are still inequalities in our country when it comes to gender. All genders took to Reddit to point out the double standards that still exist because of societal norms and ignorant, engrained thinking. We’ve still got aways to go, people.

Like Lily Allen said, “It’s out here for a b**ch.”

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